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Amador County State Preschool Program

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In a letter to Folkmanis, Physical Education Consultant, Natalie Ostergaard explains how she uses our puppets to teach preschool physical education.

Every "Body" Needs P.E. is an early education fitness and nutrition program designed by Natalie Ostergaard specifically for preschool and Kindergarten age children. The program is made possible through a generous grant from First Five of Amador. It encompasses eight different state, county and private preschools in rural Northern California throughout the school year.

Lesson plans featuring Folkmanis puppets are an all-time favorite. Teachers love the puppet details - their lifelike appearance and maneuverability; plus the textures are amazing. Educators are able to easily tie these puppets to nocturnal animal themes as well as ocean, forest, or desert exploration lessons. Alphabet-animal matching games are always a hit.

The young child experience pure fun involving all of their sense. They delight in the pretend world of animal movements and imaginative play. Whether using whole body movements for the bear walk, doing a crazy wiggle, happy dog dance for the beagle, isolating abdominal muscles while mimicking a sea otter, or perfecting fine motor skills manipulating a lady bug or spotted owl finger puppet - KIDS ARE MOVING AND LEARNING!

Folkmanis puppets blend especially well with a yoga unit. By bringing puppets to the session, students can identify animals and describe the movements that make them unique. Children relate to the Border Collie while holding the "downward facing dog" pose. They stretch their neck, torso and back muscles while in "lion and turtle" formation. Caterpillars can develop into beautiful, flowing swallowtail butterflies and finger puppets can rest on a child's abdomen to prefect "belly breathing."

Thank you Folkmanis (and Roxi Price) for making my job a joy!

In Health,
Natalie Ostergaard, Physical education Consultant



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