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Our Stage Puppets were meant to be stars

If you'd like to perform your own puppet shows we have quite a few options for you to download and perform. We've paired up some of our puppets and have short, two-puppet shows available featuring the following Stage Puppets: Dragon & T-Rex, Horse &Unicorn, Mouse & Shark, Rabbit & Fox, Bear & Raccoon and Monkey & Toucan. Please visit your local retailer, or view our online catalog to purchase these puppets online. To play the online Kerpoof game, click here!

Monkey and Elephant
Monkey & Elephant
("Raining Fruit")
Download Puppet Show

Dragon T-rex
Dragon & T-Rex
Download Puppet Show

Horse & Unicorn
Horse & Unicorn (The Existential Unicorn)
Download Puppet Show
Shark & Mouse
"Shark & Mouse"
Download Puppet Show
Rabbit & Fox
"Rabbit & Fox and the Riding Horse"
Download Puppet Show
Bear & Raccoon
"Bear & Raccoon"
Download Puppet Show
Monkey & Toucan
"Monkey & Toucan"
Download Puppet Show

Show us your stuff!

If you're performing one of these puppet shows and would like to share photos, and videos with us, we'd love to post it on our site! Please click here for the form.

If you need hints on staging and puppetry, visit our Puppetry Resources page for some great puppetry websites.


Play the Kerpoof Game!

Create a printable little scene with Folkmanis Puppets and the magic of Flash! There are three adorable scenes to choose from:


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