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Where will my order ship from when I order my puppets through

Folkmanis, Inc. is the manufacturer of Folkmanis Puppets, so we sell in bulk to businesses and retailers only. Our online store is run by Shopatron, [] a third party.

What is Shopatron?

The Shopatron network makes shopping more convenient for shoppers...and can help retailers increase their business. While the Internet has made it easier to learn about products you need (by going to a manufacturer's website), it hasn't always made it easier to buy the products online (because we want to support our retailers, not compete with them). The Shopatron network was developed to help. Once you have located the puppet(s) you want to order on our website, you may order from our Shopatron-enabled catalog and get your goodies a few days later. After placing your order online, an authorized retailer fills and ships your order. One of this retailer's responsibilities is to offer great support and after-sale service. Each authorized retailer must meet strict service-quality standards to ensure that you have a satisfying experience every time you buy using the Shopatron network. Lastly, you know how important it can be to support local retailers. We're happy to say that the Shopatron network fully supports the local shops you rely on. After they are signed-up onto the Shopatron network, they can start sending orders as authorized Shopatron retailers (and making sales in the process) to customers like you.

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Is my online ordering information secure?

Shopatron takes unusual measures to protect consumers’ personal information. Instead of fast-tracking payment clearance for potentially fraudulent situations, they will actually slow down the processing of a sale if there is any chance of personal identity theft.

What do I do if there is a problem with my online order through's Shopatron store?

Please contact Shopatron by email: or by phone: 866-625-5050, or you can submit a support ticket online here: Please have your order number available. (This can be found in the initial email that you received after placing your order.)

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Does a store in my area carry your puppets?

There are hundreds of specialty retailers carrying Folkmanis Puppets worldwide. To find one in your area, click here.

How do I care for my Folkmanis puppet?

Please see this page for all Puppet care and feeding instructions.

What are the age recommendations for Folkmanis Puppets?

Folkmanis Puppets are recommended safety-tested for all ages, but are recommended for ages 3 and up.

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I own a retail store - how do I sell your puppets?

Please visit our wholesale customer site to learn all about it.

I represent a school or library, do you give a discount?

Yes, we offer a discount to schools and libraries. You cannot order through our online retail Shopatron store on this website to receive tax-exempt status or to get the discount. The discount is only available if you order directly from Folkmanis, Inc. through our Wholesale Department, not our retail website. Our discount is not available through our retail customers either. To order a catalog and see our school/library ordering policies and pricing, please click to our catalog request form. Make sure to specify that you are a school or library. Or you may call the office during regular business hours for the Pacfic Coast to request a catalog and pricelist.

How do I contact Folkmanis?

Please visit this page for all of our contact information.

How do I find a retired/discontinued puppet?

If you cannot find a puppet in our online store, then the design has been retired. Unfortunately, when we retire a puppet style, it is because we have completely depleted our stock here at the company. Since our online sales are fulfilled through Shopatron, and the Shopatron network consists of individual retailers throughout North America, one of these retailers might have the retired puppet in stock. Try this link and search for the puppet by name. This is not a guarantee that you will find your puppet through Shopatron, but it's a good place to look. And then there's always eBay if all else fails.

Will Folkmanis Create a custom puppet for me?

While we love to hear customer requests, Folkmanis is a large-scale puppet manufacturer and is not set up to create custom puppet designs. New Folkmanis puppet designs are based on popularity of request, regional considerations, fabric availability, and the designer's own imagination! If you need a custom puppet for your Puppet show, TV Show, Commercial or Film, contact Images in Motion.

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New puppet suggestions

Please let us know if you would like to suggest new puppets for future designs. We will add your puppet suggestion to the inspiration list for our designers. Click here to suggest a puppet.

What does Folkmanis do with my contact information?

Folkmanis will never sell your contact information it is kept for internal marketing and customer contact usage only. For a complete overview of our privacy policies, click here.

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