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If you need to contact us immediately, please visit our Contact page for our address and phone number.

This form is for retailers in the Western Hemishpere who are not yet customers and are interested in purchasing our products for resale. (If you are from another part of the world, click here for the name and address of your local distributor.) If you are a retail customer, please visit this page for links on where to order catalogs from our wholesale customers. If you are already a wholesale customer of ours and wish to request a catalog, please log-in to our wholesale customer site. Access to our wholesale website is only given to existing customers only. We will email you an order from after receipt of this form.

After you've sent in your first order by faxing or emailing in our order form, you will be given your Customer Account Number. This can be found on your packing slip and Folkmanis® Invoice. With this number you can register for access to our Wholesale Customer website where you can: order online, keep informed of our stock outages and status, download images for catalogs and websites, find out about new product releases, download product information such as SKUs, measurements and weights and download our product safety certificates.

If you are an existing customer and wish to register for access to our Wholesale Customer Website, please click the link for the Wholesale Existing Customer Registration form.

Thank you!

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