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Labrador Puppy, Black


RETIRED - This item was retired in March 2019 and has limited to no availability.

This wiggly little fellow can plant your face with puppy kisses and cock his head with curiosity. Our cuddly puppy features a soft velvety coat, realistically weighted ears and soft pink tongue.

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Length:20" Long
Width:4" Wide
Height:9" Tall
Weight:14.72 oz.
Puppet Type: HAND PUPPET
Puppet Birthday: 1999 January
Special Features: Movable mouth
Awards: 1999 PARENTING MAGAZINE Toy of the Year
1999 CHILD MAGAZINE Best Toys of the Year For Preschoolers
1999 PARENTS' CHOICE Commendations
Fun Facts:


  • Labrador retrievers are descended from dogs used by fishermen who settled in eastern Canada on the Labrador coast.

  • There are three kinds of Labs: black, yellow and chocolate.  
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