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Folkmanis® Puppets in the Media

Folkmanis Puppets at Toyfair 08
Fox Business News interviewing Donny Osmond
from the Folkmanis Puppets Toy Fair '08 Booth.
The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
"The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" host
and a Folkmanis Shark Stage Puppet. Click here to read more!

Folkmanis Puppets have appeared in major motion pictures, network and cable television shows, news broadcasts, online videos, online articles, newspapers and magazines. Discover where our puppets have been featured and view highlights, photos and news clips by clicking the left side navigation.

Folkmanis Puppets on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

CBS' late night comedy The Late Late Show has been featuring some of our puppets as recurring characters. The Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson puppeteers and provides voices for these hilarious puppety bits that kick off this late-night talk show. While the show is not intended for younger viewers, older viewers may enjoy watching Craig create havok with Folkmanis Puppets. 

Folkmanis® Puppets in Times Square

Folkmanis Puppets
The Folkmanis Animated billboard as it appeared in Times Square.

During the Holiday Season of '07 Folkmanis Puppets were featured on the GeoffreyTron Billboard in New York City's Times Square.