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After donating a bag of puppets to the Bristol Twinnings International Association, Project Co-ordinator Alix Hughes wrote us this letter in thanks.

Hi Folkmanis folks - greetings from Bristol, England.

One of your colleagues at your HQ in San Francisco kindly donated a large sack of brilliant puppets to our volunteer Clodagh Miskelly when she visited you as part of her attending a conference on storytelling and puppetry in California. We requested the puppets to help us with our health and environmental education work in our sister city in Nicaragua, Central America. The puppets were taken to Nicaragua from Bristol by our development worker Gioconda Perez when she was in Bristol in March.

In the small town of Tonala (about 9,000 pop) in north-west Nicaragua, where people live from the banana plantations, subsistence agriculture or shrimp farming around the "Real Estuary", Gioconda handed the puppets over to the childrens theatre workshop. This group is also supported by Plan International Nicaragua who pay the small salary for the drama teacher Narcisco. They agreed to begin work on a puppet play with a strong environmental message. They also agreed to give us reports of their work as it progresses. Over the weeks we have received photos of their rehearsals after school at T.E Kint secondary school. The group asked us and another UK based charity to fund a trip to the city of Leon (regional capital) to give a series of performances in the three poorest primary schools there as well as a museum and culture centre visit. This was organised by Gioconda, who lives in Leon and who also works for the Utrecht (Holland)-Leon Sister City organisation.

The attached photos are of the group outside Leon cathedral and also the final dress rehearsal in Tonala before the trip which takes up to 5 hours because the roads are so bad.

Once again many thanks to you and your colleagues for your support.

Alix Hughes
BITA Co-ordinator Bristol Link with Nicaragua executive committee



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