About Folkmanis

Folkmanis® Puppets in Times Square

Folkmanis Puppets
The Folkmanis Animated billboard as it appeared in Times Square.

During the Holiday Season of '07 Folkmanis Puppets were featured on the GeoffreyTron Billboard in New York City's Times Square.

Folkmanis Puppets shot promo spots and a video billboard at the Images In Motion studio in Sonoma, CA. Elaine Kollias of Folkmanis was Executive Producer, Carlene Cordova directed puppeteers Elaine Kollias and Wendy Morton from Folkmanis and Lee Armstrong and Kamela Portuges of Images In Motion. The spot was edited by John Welch of Stormcrow Entertainment, music was composed and performed by John Magee. The Director of Photography was Michael Thomas of Monark Pictures, Lighting Design and gaffing by Bill Ferguson of Images in Motion. Still photography by Jamie Westdal. The video billboard was shown on the GeoffreyTron screen in Times Square from November through December 2007.

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