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Find a Folkmanis® Retailer

Around the world, Folkmanis Puppets take center stage. Since 1976, Folkmanis® has had an attachment to wildlife and the outdoors. Our love for the environment shines through in our creations, helping build awareness for animals – endangered or not – to children and adults around the globe. You can find Folkmanis Puppets for sale in stores from the United Kingdom, to Israel, Japan, Australia, Asia, and North and South America.  

If you'd prefer to shop online, we offer a list of internet retailers who ship worldwide.

If you are a consumer located in the contiguous United States, Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico and wish to place a puppet order, use the Shop Puppets link from our website and one of our Retailers registered with Quivers will fill your order.

For Retailers who would like to be listed on our website:

If your store sells Folkmanis puppets and/or you are an online retailer and are selling Folkmanis® Puppets and wish to be listed on our website, please fill out this form. In order for a store to be added each retailer must "opt-in" individually.   

Brick and Mortar Stores: To be listed you have to be located in the Western Hemisphere.

If you are in Europe, please contact Folkmanis Europe.

If you are located elsewhere around the globe, please contact the distributor in your area for listing on their website.