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Folkmanis® Puppets in Video

If you'd like to see our puppets come alive, you've come to the right page! We've created web videos, product demonstration videos and video billboards. Many fans of Folkmanis Puppets have used our puppets in puppet shows that are available for viewing all over the web.

Feel free to click away on the following links to view the videos. Please be aware that some of these videos will lead you to other websites that host the videos.

Most of our puppets have demonstration videos located their product description page.  To see the demo select the puppet category: Hand, Stage, Little, Character, etc. and then select the puppet thumbnail to see if there is a puppet demonstration video available. Click here to visit our Youtube page to see all of the puppet videos in one location.

Folkmanis Puppets video
Folkmanis ran a video billboard in Times Square in the 2008 holiday season. Click the image to view the video.




Show Us Your Stuff!

Are you a puppeteer/filmmaker, amatuer or professional? We'd love to feature your video on our website. Our only requirements are that the video features our puppets and is appropriate for all ages. If you's like to submit something please tell us about it here!