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Toucan Stage Puppet

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COVID-19 CLOSURE DATES:  3/16/20 - 05/03/20 

Friends – Folkmanis Puppets has been forced to suspend operations due to a ``shelter in place’’ directive issued by county governments in the San Francisco Bay Area. This directive requires the closure of all businesses defined as non-essential, which includes ours. In these extraordinary circumstances, we ask the patience and understanding of all those who have worked together with us for so many years. Due to the short notice given as part of the directive, we have not been able to complete all orders placed in recent days. Rest assured that the puppets you ordered are safe and sound at our facility, and will be ready to ship when we are permitted to return to our calling of providing education and joy to children and adults alike. If you have urgent issues, you can e-mail us at webmaster@folkmanis.com. Stay safe everyone! We look forward to the next time that we are able to be in touch.


Welcome to the Folkmanis® Puppets wholesale customer site! This site is exclusively meant for retailers who are reselling our puppets. This is a secure site and you must have a password to enter.

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If you are reselling our products or use them for education or therapy in the United States of America, then you are required to download a copy of the CPSIA certificate for each Folkmanis Puppet you sell. These certificates can be found on our Wholesale Customer website.

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