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Folkmanis® in Australasia

If you own a store in one of the countries below and are interested in selling our puppets. Please contact your local distributor.


Folkmanis' Distributor in Australia is Kaleidoscope Australasia. If you are looking for puppets in Australia, visit their website!

Kaleidoscope Australasia Pty Itd
11 Enterprise St,
Richlands, QLD, 4077
Phone: 61-7-3375-6446
Fax: 61-7 3375-9424
Email: sales@kaleidoscope.com.au
Web: www.kaleidoscope.com.au

New Zealand

Our New Zealand Distributor is The Green Company.

The Green Company
Silver Oaks
371 Hoskyns Road, R D 5
Tel +643 347 7289
Email: greenco@xtra.co.nz