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Puppetry Resources

Man with Alpaca Stage

Would you like to find out about puppet performances and workshops happening in your area or abroad?  You can join a local or national or international puppetry organization and get monthly updates.

"UNIMA" is the international puppetry organization with funding sources, scholarships, and a monthly magazine.  They also issue awards for outstanding performances.

"Puppeteers of America" is the national group holding regular festivals around the country and producing a monthly journal. Puppeteers of America also has local guilds and you can find one in your area.  Click here to find your local guild - Joining your local guild is a great way to meet and learn form other people in your area interested in puppetry.  The guilds offer workshops, performance outings, and fringe festivals.

The Henson Foundation supports innovation in puppetry arts. The foundation gives out grants and has an email newsletter, "Puppet Happenings" in NYC and nationally.

In France there is a "World Puppet Theatre Festival" held every two years in Charleville-Mezieres.

"Puppet Happenings" announcing NY and national puppet performances

Center for Puppetry Arts is an organization in Atlanta, Georgia that offers workshops, performances, a museum, and classes via videoconferencing.

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